THE BRIDE and the BRIDE-GROOM are most important people, in fact they are stars of the day. There are lot of details that demand  attention. Besides the clothes, jewellery, make-up, there is one thing that everyone will notice on this special day: your smile. shanti dentals provides you a whiter, brighter smile can help you feel more confident and make a memorable impression on others. Your wedding day is the most special day for you and we call it the most valuable moment for your life. So make it bigger and lovable with a sparkling smile with us, shanti dentals.

There’s so much more to dentistry than the standard six-monthly check-up and scale and polish. If your big day is on the horizon and you’re already practising poses for the wedding photos, you may be considering a cosmetic upgrade to your mouth if your teeth have been annoying at your confidence. Is a wedding dentist on your wedding planning list? If no, shanti dentals suggests you for wedding dentistry.

Possibly your teeth could be brightened up a shade or two? Perhaps you’ve decided that now is the time to go for more dramatic procedures, and explore the world of veneers and dental implants?

Shanti dentals procedures involved in Wedding Smile Makeover are:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Patients with severe tooth discoloration or chipped or misaligned teeth, porcelain veneer restoration is the best option. Porcelain Veneers can create bright, white smiles with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth. With our porcelain veneer treatment you will get the most alluring smile that will improve your overall appearance. In porcelain veneer treatment, a layer of tooth- colored porcelain is placed over the facial surfaces of your teeth to correct any dental imperfection.

  • Whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the most common and requested procedures by couples. This involves restoring the colors of your teeth in a short period of time. The outer enamel of your teeth is stained and transparent due to our age and eating habits. Those with smoking habits are especially at risk. Through our zoom whitening technique you can have sparkling white teeth in a short period of time. Our trained dentists will apply a special whitener to your teeth, then the gums are covered with a protective gel.  The whitener will remove all stains from the teeth. Patients with tough stains may need 2 or 3 sittings to achieve the perfect level of whiteness.

  • Alignment: Misaligned or protruding front teeth can be aligned into proper place with the help of reconstructive braces or Inman Aligner. This can help you get perfectly aligned and beautiful teeth.

  • Dental Bonding: Another corrective treatment for badly damaged teeth is dental bonding. In many ways dental bonding is similar to porcelain veneer treatment, but veneer treatment is usually reserved for extensively damaged teeth which cannot be restored using any other treatment. Bonding is recommended for people with only a few affected teeth. During the bonding process, a special colored material is placed on top of the affected teeth and then buffed, shaped and polished to look like your own natural teeth. It is usually done at one sitting and will give you a durable and long lasting smile.

In addition to these procedures, we also do dental implants to fill missing teeth and attach crowns for badly damaged teeth. We can also make gum corrections. Regardless of what is wrong with your smile, there is nothing a Wedding Smile Makeover cannot do to improve it by your wedding day.

Questions & Answers: 

What is “Wedding Dentistry/Special Event Dentistry “?

Wedding Dentistry/Special Event Dentistry is for anyone who wants a bright,healthy and beautiful smile that will be captured in photographs for memories that last a lifetime. At Dental Associates of Lakewood PA we will improve smiles before an important occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, graduation, sweet sixteen and any other special events. We will give you that bright confident smile you desire for your special day.

Smile enhancement does not always require a lot of time.Techniques such as reshaping, bonding and teeth whitening can make a dramatic impact on your smile in just one day. At your personalize consultation,we will be more than happy to offer you options that will suit you and address your every concern.

No. Wedding dentistry is for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile for a special occasion. Everyone wants a great smile for the photographer. We offer special prices for the entire bridal party and family members.

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Rohini is a well developed residential city in North West Delhi in India. It was the first sub-city project of Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Rohini is one of the 12 zones administered under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Rohini is a very prime residential locality and well connected with the other parts of the city. All the basic facilities like mall, market, school, bank, hospitals and ATM are available in Rohini. Transport facility is also good in this locality. Rohini has three stations on the Red Line of Delhi Metro Line 1, making it one of Delhi Metro’s major hubs.

It is very easy to reach Shanti Dentals from Rohini because of these facilities. Shanti Dentals provides one of the best Dental Services in Rohini Area.

Directions to Shanti Dentals From Rohini

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New Delhi, Delhi

2. Follow Bhagawan Mahavir Marg to Sector 11
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3. Turn right
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4. Turn left onto HL Parwana Rd →Pass by Venus Apartments (on the right)
1 min (650 m)

5. Turn right onto Shaheed Colonel Guruveer Singh Sarna Marg →Pass by Prashant Vihar Police Station (on the left in 600m) 4 min (1.0 km)

6. Turn left onto B5 Rd 13 s (71 m)

7. Continue on Pvr Prashant Vihar Road to your destination in Prashant Vihar 5 min (1.0 km)

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