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Do you afraid of smiling in front of others? Do you always think your smile is not perfect? Also you don’t have any idea what would be the best treatment to make your smile beautiful again? shanti dentals knows your Smile is the first thing that many people will notice about you, can leave a lasting impression on strangers and friends alike, and plays a key role in your confidence and self-esteem. Improving your smile is one of the greatest change that you can make to yourself. shanti dentals values your Smile and try our best to get the best smile for you. shanti dentals has a unique and quality smile makeover procedure and treatment. We are one of the best smile makeover Dental care in Delhi with an economic smile correction cost. shanti dentals team can do a smile makeover that will change your smile appearance – and your quality of life. Your smile can affect many lives so make it brighter. With shanti dentals you can get the brightest smile that can attract many. shanti dentals is known for the best and easy treatments so get the lifetime experience and relief from here.

Designing a Smile Makeover – Choosing the Right Treatments

Smile makeover options listed below are commonly utilised in the process of creating your beautiful smile:

Porcelain Veneers and Zeneers

We know your smile is important – it leaves a lasting impression on others and can have a direct effect on your social and personal life. With porcelain veneers and Zeneers, we can mask these minor cosmetic imperfections to brace the smile. These tooth-shaped dental replacement, roughly the thickness of an egg shell, are placed on the surfaces of the front teeth to act as an exterior, masking Minor cosmetic flaws such as chips, cracks, gaps in-between the teeth while creating a uniform, natural and healthy appearance.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are the most usual dental repair work in dentistry. shanti dentals offers full porcelain (jacket) crowns from max, and porcelain crowns fused to metal as well.

Crowns are an ideal way to reconstruct teeth which have been broken, or which have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. A dental crown can be used to treat a tooth that would otherwise require extraction, and which causes pain, discomfort, or compromises the individual’s oral health.

The crown fits over the damaged part of the tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and the outline of a natural tooth. Most crowns are made from porcelain fused to metal or gold.

Teeth Whitening

Considering teeth whitening? Confused which dental care be the best for teeth whitening treatment? Shanti Dentals can be the suitable or convenient answer for you.

If your teeth are stained or discoloured, it can have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile. Tooth whitening, is either the restoration of a natural tooth shade or whitening beyond the natural shade. With professional teeth whitening, either in-surgery or in the convenience of your home, you can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades or more. shanti dentals offers an absolutely Safe Teeth whitening which is highly cost effective. We also have experienced Tooth-Whitening expert for you.

Gum Lifting and Reshaping

A gummy smile occurs when the gum tissue conceals more of the surfaces of the teeth than normal. The term “gummy smile” is often characterised by an excess of gum tissue along the teeth, making them appear too short along the gum line. Gum reshaping or tissue sculpting is the cosmetic dental procedure which can even out an uneven gum line and give you a smile you can wear with confidence. shanti dentals can make your smile the smile you deserve by gum lifting and reshaping!  With gum lifting, or gum reshaping, we can eliminate excessive gum tissue with a laser – quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort, for a more natural-looking smile.

Cosmetic fillings

A filling is something that most people have had undergone at some point in their lives. They are a form of colored fillings for tooth decay or to restore them. Often front teeth can be repaired and improved with the addition of white composite as the filling material. The advantage is less tooth loss, less damage, natural look. As nowadays many people are more conscious about the way they look, so they don’t want silver fillings that show when they laugh. They want natural smile after tooth filling for which white filling looks the most unprocessed one. So Cosmetic fillings are not all the same, they take your time to get longer lasting, better looking smiles. Try shanti dentals Cosmetic Fillings for a More Natural Appearance.

Gum depigmentation

Gum depigmentation is a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to remove dark spots on the gums. It is seen that often people who have darker complexion also have hyper pigmentation in gums. While the normal tissue color is pale pink, abnormally high amounts of melanin can cause dark spots and patches to appear on the tissue. The most common cause of darker pigments in the gums is genetics. Excess melanin can build up in the gums, making them look brown or black instead of pink. This discoloration can affect the appearance of your smile and result in decreased confidence and self-esteem.  At the shanti dentals our periodontal specialists assist in various areas and periodontal treatments in Delhi. Gum depigmentation, also known as gum bleaching, is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to lighten or remove black spots or patches on the gums. If you desire more attractive gums that will have you showing off your full beautiful smile, schedule a consultation with one of our expert periodontists today!

Dental Braces

Are you not happy with your zigzag teeth or you are not satisfied how your teeth are non-straight? Are your teeth crooked or do you have an overbite or under bite? we can help you. We know getting braces can be a daunting experience. But it doesn’t have to be scary. With the right information and advice, shanti dentals can be a guide for you to explain how to determine if you need braces and what orthodontic. Today we have so many choices when it comes to dental braces. The most common way to correct crooked teeth is to fit a fixed or removable braces.

General Dentistry

The appearance of your teeth is important, your oral health is more important. The link between oral health and whole body health is well documented. Inflammation of the gum tissue and infection has been linked to both diabetes and heart disease. Maintaining your oral health and providing for a strong dental foundation is our first priority.

Looking for braces from a quality Delhi orthodontist? Look no further! The experienced orthodontists at Shanti dentals offer braces for less.


Rohini is a well developed residential city in North West Delhi in India. It was the first sub-city project of Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Rohini is one of the 12 zones administered under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Rohini is a very prime residential locality and well connected with the other parts of the city. All the basic facilities like mall, market, school, bank, hospitals and ATM are available in Rohini. Transport facility is also good in this locality. Rohini has three stations on the Red Line of Delhi Metro Line 1, making it one of Delhi Metro’s major hubs.

It is very easy to reach Shanti Dentals from Rohini because of these facilities. Shanti Dentals provides one of the best Dental Services in Rohini Area.

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